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High-Low SKirts r Ugly


The magic of cutex 1958


MIU MIU spring 2006

vlada roslyakova and sasha pivovarova

meauxde asked:
Hey Anon don't be a hater. You have no right to say negative things because of YOUR insecurities and especially anonymously. You should get help on how to control yourself from saying useless things to a great person. MADDIE RULEZ WITH A Z <3

u r a babe…thnk u so much<333333333

Anonymous asked:
I think you would do really well modeling in the Japanese market

really? aaah so kind! That sounds so much fun

healthy mind 

pretty-isnt-everything asked:
Maddy babe you are gorgeous!! Ignore that asshole anon. (I bet they wish they were a real model like u) you are hella cool and super sweet and absolutely stunning. Love you lots!! Xx

ub\gh erin this is why you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t take those people serious they r too shy to  come off annon!!!! same goes to you as well for being utterly gorg and kind :) u gabby and I shall hang soon X

Audrey Hepburn with her co-star in Green Mansions and pet fawn Pippin, 1958

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snejana gifs that should’ve previously existed but now do thanks to me

Anna Karina in Le Petit Soldat (1963) dir. Jean-Luc Godard

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Make-up by L’Oreal, 1968
Photographed by Irving Penn


Anonymous asked:
shut up anon. you're beautiful and don't listen to these assholes. stay healthy and happy xx

<3 ily you’re the best.. Thank you so much dear !!

Anonymous asked:
I don't think you look like a boy, you're just kinda twiggy

ahhhh I knowknowknow